Our Advantage

We know that the process of selecting a manager from the seemingly countless options can lead to the conclusion that investment advisers are a dime-a-dozen, but the tremendous variety of risk and return objectives and portfolio needs in the investment community shows the value of variety. Though there are many similarities between managers, each has its own strengths and caters to a particular niche within the investment community. To help you determine if one of GCM’s strategies suits your investment objectives, here are some of our strengths.

Fundamental research via quantitative models
Research at GCM reflects our belief that a company’s financial strengths and weaknesses are the drivers of its stock price over the long-run. This philosophy is consistent with fundamental analysis, and the use of quantitative models is a way to bring a systematic framework and a high level of efficiency to the research process. We have developed proprietary quantitative models that allow us to consistently, objectively and frequently refresh our view regarding the investment merit of a large universe of companies.

Portfolios with perspective
Our research is multi-faceted as we evaluate companies from a variety of perspectives. During the research process, we consider traditional and growth-oriented valuation metrics, earnings growth and the quality of earnings, changes in analysts’ estimates for revenue and earnings, and measures of investor sentiment, among other things. This approach is applied across the full array of strategies offered at GCM.

Process and style adherence
Every strategy offered by GCM is managed according to a disciplined and well-defined investment process. Since we only manage a portion of our clients’ assets and don’t have visibility into how their overall portfolios are constructed, we believe our role is to strictly follow the investment process described to the client. With GCM, you know what to expect.

Each client relationship is valuable
Meeting and surpassing our clients’ expectations is a priority in every aspect of business at GCM. Our investment team strives to deliver returns commensurate with the risk of the strategy. Our operations team strives to provide quick and seamless account services. Our sales and client service team provides regular updates, meetings and conference calls. We value our clients and are sure that our commitment will be evident in each relationship.

Independent with a dependable partner
GCM’s founders continue to own a significant stake in the firm, and they are responsible for day-to-day and strategic management decisions. This aligns the interests of our management team with the long-run success of the company. GCM also enjoys a strong partnership with Wells Fargo & Company, a global financial services leader.